Welding Processes used by Premier Engineering(Yorkshire)Ltd:- 

Semi-Automatic Shielded Metal Arc Welding (MAGS), Tungsten Insert Gas (TIG) and Manual Metal Arc (MMA).

All our welders are approved in accordance to BS EN ISO 9606 and are constantly monitored by our RWC.

All our welding procedures and welder approvals are undertaken by a recognised third-party organisation who is UKAS approved. Our WPQR's & WPS's and welder approval certifications are available for client review prior to work commencement.

Premier Engineering(Yorkshire)Ltd currently have a library of third-party UKAS approved WPQR's.

We have WPQR's in accordance with BS EN ISO 15614, ranging from small diameter pipework, thin plate to thick plate sections.
We also have a range of procedures tested to -20°C carbon plate and pipe.

Material coverage ranges from 1mm to 100mm Carbon, Stainless Steels, Duplex and Aluminium.

Premier Engineering(Yorkshire)Ltd ensure that all testing and requirements are met to the latest standards and operational needs and are continually looking at further qualifications to ensure the client's needs are met.